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Microcurrent Package:

$220.00 30 mins (4 sessions)

$330.00 30 mins (6 sessions)

These weekly treatments offer a relaxing and highly effective approach to anti aging.  Utilizing microcurrent technology in assisting those aging, sagging muscles by increasing collagen and elasticity production, this is one uplifting event your face does not want to miss! 


Celluma LED Light Therapy Package 45 mins:

This highly recommended service works best in a series. 

-Red LED light is a highly effective anti-aging tool

-Blue LED light works best for anti-acne, decrease inflammation and soothes Rosacea 

 -Blue LED Light: buy 7 get 8th free $420.00

 -Red LED Light: buy 5 get 6th one free $300.00

Implementing the latest in LED light therapy technology.  The Celluma brings the application of light to tissue to obtain optimal therapeutic results.  This highly effective treatment is known for its ability to rejuvenate skin, treat Rosacea, decrease inflammation and increase microcirculation.  This FDA only approved device can be used for killing the “P” acne virus.  This allows for the elimination of stubborn acnes issues.  It also increases collagen and elastin production, reducing and smoothing fine lines and wrinkles. 


The Enhancer Package: $600.00 60 mins (6 sessions)

Blending the microcurrent and red LED light therapy technology this 6 weekly treatment series will bring your skin to its optimal health. Utilizing both together your skin will feel stronger, look more toned and hydrated and will radiate!  A must before any formal occasion!

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